Transforming The Business World By
Making Sure That When Business Is Done…

Akirix, LLC was founded by business professionals who saw a need in the marketplace for a mechanism that would ensure payments are made for the business simply and securely. We’re a team of experienced business professionals who have one goal: Provide the marketplace with a simple and secure means for invoicing and securing payments. With the creation of Simplify, our revolutionary Secure-Online-Payment-Platform software, this service is now a reality.

…Business Is Paid For

Simplify offers an easy to use means of setting up Escrow Services on every project you do and every purchase you make. The result, you spend less time and energy on billing and collections and more on making your business grow.

Available worldwide via the internet, we offer service to you and your business associates no matter where they may be.

We are ready and committed to making your cash flow and consequently, your business better.

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