Simplify: The Foundation of our Custom Designed,

Proprietary Online Secure Payment Platform

As an Internet based platform, Simplify makes it possible for businesses around
the globe to create transactions and secure the payment for their services based
upon the good and faithful execution of the contract.

So what is the process? First, Simplify allows you to set up the funding and the written
contracts/purchase orders for your business transactions prior to initiating work or moving
product. Thereafter, Simplify provides a user-friendly software platform that makes monitoring
and administering the deal easy and efficient. Upon successful performance of the contract, Simplify
provides a quick and unified means for invoicing and invoice approval and then finally, upon approval,
Akirix triggers the immediate release of funds to the parties due… It’s that simple.

Simplify’s layout and function are based upon a One-Page-Orientation design,
allowing you to manage all of your projects from a single web page without the need
for toggling. It’s equipped with multiple project search and sort options that work together with user functions which have been custom designed to suit your industry. The result is a payment platform that lives up to it’s name, allowing you to worry less about invoicing and payment, and focus instead on the profitability of your business.
Simplify Step by Step Guide