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Our Mission

Our mission at Akirix is to simplify global business transactions by providing an online payment platform where businesses can deal directly with their clients, thereby increasing profits and improving efficiency.

Team Akirix

Team Akirix reaches out to address the needs of our community, participating in clothing drives, sporting events and races, and community clean-ups. We believe that helping others is just as important as making business profits, and we believe that changing the world starts in our own communities.

History of Akirix

  1. Akirix LLC. Is Created

    September 2011

    Akirix LLC was founded in 2011, with the purpose to provide high-speed, efficient and secure financial transactions to worldwide clients in order to simplify successful business interaction in the global marketplace.

  2. Over $1 Million Transacted

    November 2011

    Shortly after opening, Akirix securely and successfully transacted over $1 million across the world.

  3. Over 100 Clients

    July 2012

    With initial clients spreading word over the efficiency and simplicity of Akirix's online platform, over 100 clients signed up with Akirix to securely transact across the world.

  4. Akirix Jeep Safari Trip

    Apr 2013

    The Akirix Team went to Moab, Utah, to experience nature and see the red rock scenery. They took many different trails, including the Rubicon Trail, while they were there.

  5. Trademarked Globally

    Dec 2013

    Akirix applied and received an international trademark, becoming officially recognized in the United States and around the world as a global company.

  6. New Headquarters

    Apr 2014

    With the team and company growing fast, Akirix needed a new location, and in April, they purchased, remodeled, and moved into their new headquarters.

  7. Akirix Spartan Race

    May 2014

    Team Akirix participated in the Reebok Spartan Race, an 10+ mile obstacle course in the mountain scenery of the Western United States.

  8. International Telecoms Week

    May 2014

    Akirix made their first appearance at International Telecoms Week, to promote the Akirix platform and security to the telecommunication and VOIP community.

  9. New Version of Platform

    Oct 2014

    Upgrades are constantly needed in today's ever-changing market, and Akirix made changes to the original platform to make transactions more simple, efficient, and secure.

  10. Over $1 Billion Transacted

    Mar 2015

    Akirix securely transacted over $1 billion, taking just under 4 years to accomplish this great milestone.

  11. New Generation of Employees

    Sep 2015

    A new generation of employees was hired to help make the quickly-growing Akirix handle more of the workload, and to give them an aesthetic makeover.

  12. Ironman 70.3 Race

    May 2016

    The Akirix Team practiced and was able to compete in an Ironman 70.3 race in southern Utah.


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