Our Mission

Akirix, L.L.C., provides immediately responsive high-speed, efficient and secure business financial transactions to worldwide clients in order to facilitate successful business interaction in the global marketplace.

Our Vision

Akirix, L.L.C., sets a new global standard for rapid business transactions, creating simplified methods of banking with efficient and secure online payment methods. Akirix “Portal” provides rock-solid security in the online community so clients may be confident their money is not at risk and payments for goods and services will be successfully transacted. Akirix will focus on providing exemplary customer service, thereby increasing confidence and solidifying a successful long-term relationship with our clients. Positioning for the future, Akirix will continue to build a financially stable company with positive growth and profitable returns. By doing so, Akirix will produce TRUST in both our clients and our employees. Recognizing the commitment and dedication of our employees, Akirix is committed to rewarding exceptional performance and bettering the lives of our employees and their families. Akirix is also committed to being a positive force in the greater Ogden Community.

Team Akirix gives back to the community!

The Akirix team is committed to conducting their business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We also recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to the community. We sponsor local groups participating in activities such as cycling, marathons and other activities in our community. We support school activities and other non-profit organizations with donations of time and money. We partner with the local universities developing different projects. We are proactive in trying to help our community and the world to be a better place for everyone.

“Akirix, it means you get paid.”

Jeff Bresee

Compliance officer

Jack Lewis / Manager

Jack Lewis is currently a managing partner and co-owner of Akirix L.L.C., Graduating from the American Intercontinental University of Chicago, Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in business operation.  Jack served in many business roles prior to opening Akirix. Working as a directing accommodations manager for clients such as Coca-Cola and NBC during the 2002 Winter Olympics.  He also created Le Cordon Bleu – Las Vegas student services and housing program during the culinary schools startup phase. Prior to starting Akirix, Jack worked with the State of Utah’s department of public safety as a public servant.
Jack has fifteen years of experience in strategic business practices, achieving the highest level of efficiency as possible within the industry and business structure. His ability to assess complex situations and identify the appropriate solution underscores his ability to gain meaningful insight and follow up with business solutions.

Roland Li / Head Developer

You “Roland” Li is one of the co-founders of Akirix. With a decade of experience in software engineering, he is responsible for overseeing all the technology of Akirix, including designing, implementing and maintaining the Akirix payment system.


He has received both his undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Utah school of computing. He was involved in various research projects and was teaching small labs at the school of computing.

Jeff Bresee / Compliance officer

Jeff Bresee is currently a managing partner and co-owner of Akirix L.L.C., with degrees in Civil Engineering from Utah State University in Logan Utah and Business Management from Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.  Along with helping to found and develop Akirix, Jeff has served in executive positions with companies such as SET Engineers for which he founded and served as CEO, and E3 Water for which he served as General Business Manager.
Jeff has over twenty years of experience in business management and business operations, with a successful track record throughout his career. His experience with common sense approach to business has allowed Jeff to guide and grow businesses with consistency and effectiveness.

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