Advanced Escrow

Efficient and Fast Escrow Services

Akirix Advanced Escrow service provides a secure way to ensure all parties in a contract hold up their end of the deal, eliminating the worry of risky clients. By utilizing our redundant infrastructure, 3-layered security and authentication system, and advanced escrow techniques, Akirix can guarantee that you will be paid on time, every time.

How Does It Work?

Benefits of Using Akirix Advanced Escrow Service

Instant Transactions and Payments

Direct Communication with Buyers and Sellers

Advanced Security and Payment Assurance

Contract Dispute? We've Got You Covered

Akirix also offers online tools for contract disputes. Suppliers are automatically paid any amount not in dispute while the rest of the buyer's money is held by Akirix until in involved parties reach a settlement. If a settlement cannot be agreed upon, Akirix is available to provide professional arbitration services.

“Since using Akirix, we have reduced administration costs by more than 50%. Issues that would normally take weeks are now solved in minutes.”

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