Dispute Resolution

Akirix helps its clients maintain a healthy business relationship by preventing disputes that minimizes the impact on all parties involved by establishing precise action and resolution protocols. In the event of a billing discrepancy between supplier and buyer, either party has the ability of issuing a dispute for a particular invoice. Until there is a resolution to the dispute, the disputed amount is held and secured. However, the undisputed amount is released. Notices of dispute are issued to all parties involved and to Akirix management team for review and mediated resolution whenever possible.


Smart Dispute Resolution

The purpose of our online payment platform is to assist with the speed and surety of invoicing and payment; however, disputes can arise that slow the process down and tie up funds. Akirix policy is to minimize the amount of money held in the event of a dispute and maximize the speed of dispute resolution. When a conflict arises, Akirix releases the undisputed portion of the invoice for payment and hold the balance until the dispute resolved.

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