Electronic Letter of Credit

Mobilize your transactions.

A letter of credit with Akirix is fast and inexpensive. Akirix allows you to generate a letter of credit within minutes by letting you deal directly with your clients on our secured platform. Your letter of credit is fully compliant and cash-backed with instant settlement guarantees. Transparent monitoring tools give you global access to see every stage of your project at any time.

How Does It Work?

Comparison between Akirix
and bank-issued letters of credit

Item Other Banks

Our advanced processes ensure that you meet all your KYC/AML statutory responsibilities, so you can be confident about who you do business with on our platform.

Every letter of credit with Akirix is compliant with and issued pursuant to UCP 600.

There are no administration fees to issue or accept an Akirix letter of credit.

We send automatic notifications to you and your clients for each step of the process of issuing or accepting an Akirix letter of credit.

There are no administration fees to process or settle a letter of credit with Akirix.

We make a one-time charge of 0.025% on the face value of any Akirix letter of credit up to $500,00.

Bespoke pricing is available for letters of credit over this amount. Please contact us for a quote here>

0.025% Minimum of 0.075%

Every Akirix letter of credit is supported by cash deposits held in specific client trust accounts through Wells Fargo bank.

Establish and settle your letter of credit instantly by dealing directly with your clients over our secure platform.

Up to 14 days turnaround

Our online platform provides you with all the tools you need to manage, monitor and administer your letters of credit from anywhere at any time.

Once you are set up on our secure platform, you can cut out the middleman and deal directly with your clients from any country 24/7.

Save time with our selection of easy to edit online templates, or upload your own documents.

Business Example

“Since using Akirix, we have reduced administration costs by more than 50%. Issues that would normally take weeks are now solved in minutes.”

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