Custom Pricing to Fit Your Needs

Akirix offers a wide range of payment services to businesses across the world. You may transact with anyone instantly on the Akirix platform, no more waiting for banks to complete international wire transfers. At Akirix, we understand that no two companies are the same. For that reason, we offer customized pricing tailored to fit your needs as a growing, thriving business. To inquire more about custom pricing, please visit the Contact Us page and fill out an inquiry form. You may also call or email us below:

Standard Fees

Domestic $30 €21 £21
International $40 €30 £30
Speed Wire + $20 + €15 + £15
Internal Transfers 1% - -
ACH $10 - -
Discrepancy Fee $125 €115 £99

We charge 0.25% of project-based invoice payments from both parties. Each party will only pay this fee once per transaction. Discrepancy fees are charged when: we are required to provide enhanced transaction information to you, or any third party; We are required to amend information or require further information on any transaction; We are required "in our sole reasonable opinion" to collect, analyse or check any previous transaction by you, either for compliance purposes or at the request of any third party provider.

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