Akirix Core Products

Akirix is a leading provider of payment solutions for businesses. Our core products help simplify and secure business transactions around the world. We also provide a wide range of services free of charge for every Akirix account holder.


Akirix Advanced Escrow

Direct to account e-commerce payment solutions for cross border and in-country payments. With multi-currency capabilities, secured supply chains, integrated invoices, secure payments, our advance escrow is instant and simple. This is the foundation of Akirix.


Foreign Exchange Services

We have dedicated foreign exchange customer service agents that provide best in class “phone and buy” currency services. With 22 currencies worldwide, we offer highly competitive rates. 3 (USD, GBP, EUR) core currencies for near real time foreign exchange swap and trade.

Standard Products

USD, Euro, and GBP Accounts

Invoicing and Bill Payments

Domestic & Global Wire Transfers

Start Transacting Securely